Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bicyclist Ed Collins Speaks Out At City Council Meeting

Kudos to my bicyclist friend Ed Collins, who told the Tampa City Council this morning that Tampa city government has to take ACTION -- and not do more studies -- to make our city streets safer for bicyclists. The MPO has offered plenty of recommendations and bike/ped projects that are collecting dust.

We need a network of bike lanes throughout the ENTIRE city and signage advising motorists to slow down and watch for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Ed's dad, Leroy Collins, Jr., was killed July 29 by a 27-year-old Tampa General Hospital intern who made a left turn at an intersection and broadsided Ed's father. Mr. Collins, Ed's dad, was mortally wounded by the driver's SUV.

Ed told the city council that the driver was not even given a ticket or citation. That surprised several city council members and Ed also met Police Chief Jane Castor at the council meeting to share his thoughts with the Chief Castor, who is a bicyclist, too.


peep said...

It's tragic it had to come to this, but the opportunity window for bicycle projects in Tampa (and H-borough County) is more open than ever before.

Time to speak up fellow cyclists, as It's going to be difficult for local leaders to blow us off now. Call/email members of City Council and County Commission. Even better, speak during public comment at their meetings as Ed did (and Alan regularly does). Either way, make your pleas, requests and suggestions known. We have, for the first time ever, momentum!

Alan said...

Peep put it as well as anyone could:

Email Pam Iorio at

Call council members and tell them to improve bicycle conditions NOW.