Friday, August 20, 2010

Visiting Colorado In The Summer

Time to share some photos from Colorado on a recent visit.

There are ghost bikes across the country. This one was on the road from Denver to Golden about three miles from Golden.

* * *

The bicycle scene is amazing in Denver and Colorado. All types of characters. Like this fella on a unicycle pedaling up Lookout Mountain Road from Golden to Buffalo Bill's Grave -- a climb of about five miles or so.

* * *

The bike path along Interstate 70 a few miles from Idaho Springs. Amazing stuff.

* * *

The bicycle ride up to Mount Evans on North America's highest ride is an amazing journey of pedaling above the clouds and viewing some of the most spectacular alpine landscape on the continent. Elevation: More than 14,000 feet.

* * *

Some guy tweeted that he was coming to Denver the next day to announce a seven-stage pro race that would start in August 2011 in Colorado. His name was Lance Armstrong and he made the announcement on the steps of the Colorado capitol in downtown Denver.

Lance then led a bike ride to a local park.

And the 3,000 bicyclists who showed up in the middle of the day in the middle of the week went along for the ride.

* * *

The regional trail system is astounding. I did a 55-mile ride with six friends connecting with four or five different trails through three counties.

* * *

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the iconic parks in the U.S. Trail Ridge Road is an amazing road to bike into the alpine terrain and above.

* * *

Some assorted photos. Maybe you heard this fella -- Buffalo Bill.

Say it ain't so -- the electric horse at the Buffalo Bill Museum was broken. Not like I was going to try and ride it.

My old newspaper beat -- covering city hall in Denver.

Denver Art Museum -- amazing.

Red Rocks Park outside Denver. There is open space everywhere in metro Denver.

Lock your bike up in style in downtown Golden.

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