Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bicycle Signs Go Up On Euclid Avenue

Just in case you're curious, Euclid Avenue in Tampa is getting fitted with signs that explain that bicyclists can have the lane after Mayor Iorio killed an original plan for bike lanes for the 2.2-mile stretch from Bayshore to Westshore. With the signs up the sharrows are supposed to come next.

Here's the first sign on Euclid right off Bayshore.

Not sure you can see this bicycle sign all too well.


Daniel said...

it is a shame they have cancelled the plan for the designated cycle lane.

peep said...

Great to see this happen, but who is responsible for the placement of the 2nd sign? Love to hear their explanation (for why it is so close to another sign).
Not the first time in Tampa a sign has been placed where its visibility is hampered by another sign, tree, etc. Guessing this is Public Works' responsibility...

GhostRider said...

Say, how 'bout all that on-street parking? There are more cars in the photo than usual...last time I rolled through there (on a warm Saturday afternoon, no less), there were exactly THREE cars parked along Euclid from Dale Mabry all the way to Bayshore Blvd.

Great move, Pam -- way to keep those streets free of pesky cyclists so that those three cars could park without hassle!!!