Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bicyclist Killed On Fowler Avenue By Pickup Exiting I-75 Monday Afternoon In Tampa Area

One of the danger areas for bicyclists are busy roads near interstate entrances and exits.

It's vital to ride your bicycle as predictably as possible and be as visible to motorists as possible. I try to establish eye contact with motorists in these areas.

Tragically, a bicyclist commuter was killed on Fowler Avenue when a pickup truck exited I-75 Monday at 4:35 pm.

Florida Highway Patrol identified the killed bicyclist as Anthony Weeks, 33, of Thonotosassa, media reports said.

FHP said the pickup driver was Michael Larmeu, 49, of Apollo Beach.

It's heartbreaking to hear that another bicyclist was killed -- the eighth in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties since July 29. (Ten if you include two in neighboring Polk County).

The St. Pete Times reported the bicyclist was pedaling against traffic without a helmet.

Please, ride your bike with traffic and wear a helmet. Also, ride predictably, be as visible to motorists as possible and be alert.

I realize some people don't think helmets help that much. I disagree. I think it can help prevent serious head injuries.

Also, I stay away from bicycling on sidewalks -- I try to bike in a manner that makes me as visible to motorists as possible, which means staying off sidewalks.

Here's the short tbo story.

A woman who said she was the bicyclist's wife posted this comment after the tbo story:

"I just want everyone to know Anthony was my husband he was not rideing in the road he was in a bike lane. He also leves behind myself his wife Chris his 11 yr old son Nick his 3 yr old son and David who is 8 weeks old... He was riding the bike to save money for the new baby... He was on his way home from work."

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