Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SWFBUD's Persistence To Clean Bike Lane Pays Off

It took a while and a few phone calls, but this bike lane showing lots of dirt and sand along Fletcher Avenue about three miles from the USF campus

was finally cleaned up. It's not perfect, but at least the Hillsborough County government froad crew returned to Fletcher Avenue and scraped the sand off.


Ed Hillsman said...

Thanks for your help with the phone calls.

On Saturday, electronic message signs went up on Fletcher that there will be road work. The message has changed to indicate it will be resurfacing, at night. I hope they do it right and clean up some of the problems (waste concrete, bad markings) at 56th, and resurface the shoulders as well as the car lanes.


Alan said...

Ed -- You're the one who got the ball rolling with your request to clean the lane and the last photo I took showing a bicyclist avoiding the sand and dirt that I sent to the county must have been helpful, too.

I agree with you about cleaning up the problems you mentioned and resurfacing both the car lanes and the shoulders so that the new pavement is placed across the complete width of the shoulder.