Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colorado Hit-and-Run Case Draws National Attention

If you thought motorists around Tampa Bay get away with murder for killing bicyclists, wait until you hear the case of the district attorney in Colorado who charged a money manager with two misdemeanors instead of a felony for the hit-and-run of a bicyclist in Eagle County.

The district attorney's decision prompted more than 1,000 emails to his office after District Attorney Mark Hurlbert decided to offer a plea bargain of two misdemeanors to suspect Martin Erzinger for hitting bicyclist Steven Milo and then fleeing. The bicyclist survived the hit-and-run.

Here is a story on the case.

Here's another story.

On Facebook, Talahassee bike advocate Joe Mizereck issued a CALL TO ACTION: "Are you disgusted with Colorado Eagle County (Denver) District Attorney Mark Hurlbert's failure to pursue felony charges against the Morgan Stanley "wealth manager" Martin Erzinger after he nearly killed a Colorado cyclist in a hit and run collision? Then call Mr. Hurlbert's office directly (970) 328-...6947 EXT 12 to express your disgust and tell him to 'make it right.' "

Here's a petition effort to convince the prosecutor to not drop the felony charge against the wealth manager.


Donald said...

There's actually a bit more to the case than is evident at first glance... the felony charge might actually be a slap on the wrist compared to the misdemeanor charges in this case.


Alan said...

Hi Donny -- I have your jacket from the Bash.