Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seminole Heights Bicycle Club Has Fun Day At Market

Nothing says community bicycle like the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club. I set up the tent and table this morning at the Seminole Heights Sunday Market on the front lawn of the Hillsborough High School.

Nobody volunteers his time more for more bicycle causes than Jim Shirk, who ran the bicycle valet at this morning's Seminole Heights Sunday Market.

The valet held about 25 bicycles throughout the day.

A terrific bicycle advocate is Joe Mizereck from Tally, who sent me a few "3 Feet" yellow jerseys, which I gave to some friends. Today, we did a photo shoot by biking with the 3 Feet jerseys with trike cyclist Kirt doing the photos. Here's Tea, 3 Feet.

That's Dorothy and son, who live in Seminole Heights and have great cruiser bikes.

There's Dorothy, standing proud.

There's trike cyclist Kirt and Tom, who lives in Seminole Heights.

We spoke to lots throughout the day -- here's Jim chatting at the end of the day.

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