Saturday, May 10, 2014

A High 5 Of Thoughts While Cycling The Scenic Loop This Morning

1. The cyclists who scream, "left,!" when passing me startle me more than if they simply pedaled past me.

2. The fast guys in the fancy matching bike shorts and jerseys don't say hi.

3. Why do so many bicyclists have music buds in their ears? First off, it's super unsafe not to hear all forms of traffic around you. Second, why shut out the world around you when biking? I bike to embrace that world.

4. It's a rare morning when there is not a car in sight at the overlook on the Red Rock Loop. Just three bicyclists.

5. I couldn't help but laugh when the Red Rock toll guy checking passes and taking money told me, "I know you. You don't have to whip it out. Go ahead."

1 comment:

Kitty said...

Alan,I love 3,1 and 5 & I did lol! Please keep the high 5 coming.