Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bike Commuting Celebrates Good Days, Improves Bad Ones

My 12-mile bicycle commute celebrates a good day and improves a bad day.

When I head to work, I bike a mile on a flat trail to a street called Alta Drive, which drops 10 miles or about 1,000 feet to the edge of Las Vegas' downtown. That's right, one road and 10 miles straight as an arrow.

Then, it's another mile to the office.

It's all downhill to work.

All uphill heading home.

Steady winds out of the east pushed me up Alta Drive and for a second time ever, I got home in seconds less than an hour.

I rarely look at speed and time as key qualities for my bicycling.

That's why it's such a novelty and a kick in the head when I do.

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