Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two Yentas On Bikes

Today's episode of Two Yentas on a Bike takes us to the lovely and hilly scenic loop road at Red Rock Conservation Area, where Scott and I chatted like a pair of old ladies at the mahjong table. As usual, we gabbed about everything from politics and religion to family and running marathons in our youths.

The first five miles on the loop are mostly uphill, including several S-turns, and as usual we chit-chatted our way up the steep grade.

When we reached the overlook parking lot just before Mile 5, a woman who passed us shortly before the top quipped to us, "You two are still talking? I wish I had a bike partner to talk with while I was biking."

We gabbed some more during a short break, then raced down from the top spot at 4,771 feet above sea level to State Road 159 and back to Summerlin.

One of my favorite points along the loop is around Mile 10 when The Big Stripe -- the one you see from miles away -- comes into close view.

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