Saturday, May 31, 2014

This Just In: Motorists Cause Most Bicyclist Deaths, League Report Concludes

When I lived in Tampa, the local Florida Department of Transportation and its supporters would repeat over and over that bicyclists are causing their own deaths.

That bicyclists are the ones to blame for getting killed on the deadliest roads in America.

The DOT even paid some local hot-shot ad firm to create a campaign telling bicyclists to be fearful of the roads and that bicyclists were basically dopes for getting themselves killed.

Then along comes the League of American Bicyclists -- the preeminent national bicycle advocacy group in the country -- with its own recent study of national bicyclist fatalities. Check out the League's post and report here.

And lo and behold, the LAB concludes that motorists should be blamed for killing bicyclists.

And the League also concludes there is shocking lack of pubic outrage and urgency in cities that have the highest bicyclist killings in the country (Re: Tampa/Hillsborough County).

Here is one web site's summary of the LAB bicyclist death report.

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