Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bye Vegas, I Miss You Already

It's my last night in Las Vegas and my last bike ride is in the books.

The mixed emotions of happiness over seeing so many close friends and biking some great routes blended with the sadness of leaving such a vibrant place are washing over as I pack my bags for a flight back to Orlando and my home in Vero Beach.

When you say you miss a place, you're really saying you miss the people who bring a smile to your face in that place.

And there's the natural terrain that fills your heart with awe like the Red Rock Canyon around the corner where I used to live and stayed this week.


Of course, Interbike was the main even during the week and the reunion of the bike tribes from around the country is always a wonderful time, including the chance to see bike friends from the Tampa Bay area like David Luppino and Tom Jessup and Steve Toll.

I had the chance to catch up with amazing friends, like the animal doctor-bicycling tourist-man of letters Scott who completed his 1,000th Red Rock Scenic Loop on a bike ride.

Then there's Anthony, another bicycle pal who owns Broadway Pizzeria on Rancho near Charleston and is a strong cyclist too.

Scott and Anthony are just two members of our goofy Pedaling Yentas group. We gab our way up the steep-hilled Red Rock Scenic Loop.

And how about my Las Vegas Academy teacher friend and fellow dark beer connoisseur Liz, who is hanging out with her mom Tizzy at Liz's (and her dad's) new house in central Vegas.


The bicycle week of Interbike was a blast, starting with two days of outdoor demo action at the toasty and dusty environs of Bootleg Canyon park in Boulder City before the week moves to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for the last three days of the week.

And I got a chance to see the new arena I wrote so much about when I was a reporter at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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