Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Recent Bicyclist Tragedies Strike Las Vegas, Athens, GA and New Paltz, NY

It was heartbreaking to hear about more death and injuries for bicyclists caused by motorists crashing into them around the country.

My good college friend Carla from New Paltz shared a horrible story about a 25-year-old woman named Gabriela O'Shea in New Paltz being struck and seriously injured in that Hudson Valley town about 75 miles north of New York City.

In Las Vegas, a hit-and-run driver accused of DUI killed a bicyclist this week. The driver drove onto a sidewalk and killed the bicyclist.

And in Athens, Georgia woman who admitted looking at her cell phone killed a 25-year-old University of Georgia researcher and injured two others, including the owner of a local bicycle shop.

What can we do? Be vigilant in sharing the word with your friends and family to always be careful when driving and to look for bicyclists. And bicyclists, obviously be alert and follow best safety practices while pedaling.

And participate in rides like the Three Feet For Pete bike safety and awareness ride Saturday morning outside Las Vegas. More details here.

I wrote about this annual ride only two years ago and I suggest you attend if you can make it.

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