Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Selling And Marketing Bicycling To Women By Two Women Who Know How

It doesn't take long to realize that bike shops need to improve the way they sell bikes and accessories to women. Two prominent women in the retail bicycle world will be holding an important session on Thursday at noon to discuss this topic:

On Thursday Sept 22, at noon in the Electric Bike Theater at the Interbike trade show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Robin Bylenga the Founder/CEO of Pedal Chic in Greenville SC, and Melissa Balmer, the Founder/Director of in Long Beach CA, join forces to present a fresh take on “The Art & Science of Selling Bicycling to Women.”

The 45 minute presentation will have a special focus on how the convergence of the growth ebikes, the continuing rise of the city/suburban bike culture, and progressive cities building safe, networked bike infrastructure is creating a tremendous, mostly untapped market potential for the U.S. to engage women “not yet riding” or who “haven’t ridden a bike in years.”

The presentation will also delve into what both women have learned as thought leaders, change agents and advocates for successfully selling and marketing bicycling to women:

  • Bicycling was a $6 billion dollar industry in 2014. Athleisure, the newest and hottest segment of the apparel market, is estimated at $44 billion annually by NPD Group. So how do we collectively grow bicycling  to $16 billion, and then even $66 billion? Women.

  • If the bike industry will throw its net much wider - truly engaging the casual bicyclist - they’ll get more of those avid, sport focused cyclists they so desire.

  • The experience – not discounts – is what sets you apart from the rest.  We’ll share how to develop a better in-store experience.

  • Compassion is key. Meet women where they are.  We'll discuss how to relate to, and inspire, your customer thus building relationships and the “forever customer."

  • Storytelling needs to be at the heart of your communications strategy to successfully sell to women. Only storytelling engages hearts + minds. Anyone can become a masterful storyteller.

  • Masterful storytelling + today's smart, low cost digital communications tools = culture shift. Culture shift = sales.

  • Why getting positive bike-friendly stories into the media, especially the lifestyle media, is such an important part of a successful communications strategy not only for your own business, but the business of bicycling overall.

This presentation launches a new series of sales, communications and leadership programming that Pedal Chic + Pedal Love will now make available via webinars and live presentations to those interested in successfully marketing and selling bicycling to women of all ages and health and wellness levels. Learn more: s/2016/9/22/the-art-science- of-selling-bicycling-to-women- the-electric-bike-theatre- interbike

Both Bylenga and Balmer are members of the new, nationally focused and Pedal Love Culture and Lifestyle Council. This growing group includes 18 thought leaders, women passionate about creating safer, more active, and more sustainably vibrant and equitable streets, who’ve come together to strategize on humanizing and normalizing bicycling for women and their families in the face of the tremendous cost of our current car-centric, speed-focused culture.

The eighteen-month Pedal Love Council project consists of leadership development, storytelling platform, and a traditional and social media outreach campaign focusing on measurably increasing the sharing and media coverage of positive, compelling stories about women and bicycling. The project gives center stage to casual bicycling as a happy activity and joyful form of transportation -- an activity that nearly anyone can participate in, whether they’re 3 years old or 93 years young. Learn more: ove-culture-lifestyle-council/ .

Bylenga and Pedal Chic have been awarded Interbike’s "America's Best Bike Shops" 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 and "Best Bike Shop for Women" in 2012, 2013, 2015. This year she’ll be presenting the Interbike award for the “Best Bike Shop for Women.” Besides leading Pedal Love, Balmer is the Media Director for the California Bicycle Coalition and has been on the forefront of engaging U.S. bike advocacy in recognizing the power storytelling and the lifestyle media to exponentially grow bicycling for women. Both women have excelled at getting stories into the media including the Associated PressBicycling Magazine, Southern Living, Better Homes & GardensCNN Money, Cosmopolitan,The New Yorker, Momentum Magazine, various National Public Radio affiliates, Reuters, Sierra Club Magazine and more.


About Pedal Chic
In 2010 Robin launched Pedal Chic, the first women centric, full service bike shop in the U.S. in Greenville South Carolina. Her award winning store in a “must stop” location for those interested in creating their own female focused store.  Pedal Chic's clients regularly drive 5+ hours for personalized saddle fit, bike fit and fantastic product selection. Dedicated to transforming women’s lives through bicycling, Robin is now bringing her groundbreaking approach to the bicycle retail world through live talks, coaching and webinars.

Begun originally as a California-focused organization, Pedal Love expanded across the U.S. in 2016. We cultivate and promote a culture supportive of bicycling and healthy transportation options for the U.S. using storytelling, creative collaborations, leadership trainings, webinars, mentorships and proactive social and traditional media outreach, positioning women as leaders creating active, mindful mobility for all. We work to catalyze this culture through creative storytelling from both thought leaders and real people to engage hearts and minds and create healthier, happier, kinder behavior. Learn more at

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