Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ban Driving While Texting

Here's why we need to ban texting and driving at the same time. This guy was in the far left lane going about 65 on north I-275 north of Hillsborough Avenue -- and traffic was passing him on the middle and right lanes.

Let's take a closer look. Yup, distracted driving. Texting on the Crackberry.


Donald said...

I like the emphasis in how you phrased it: "Driving while Texting" instead of the other way around. Reminds me of the (good) advice to take the bus if you want to use technology on the way to work.

Ed Hillsman said...

I hope whoever took this photo was a passenger in the back seat (from the description, it is unlikely the photographer was a stationary observer). A front-seat passenger photographer would have had to invade the driver's space to get the photo, causing a distraction. A driver photographer would have had to divert attention from the rest of driving to match speed with the vehicle to the left, maintain that relative position to the other car, and aim and work the camera (and even more operations if it is a smartphone camera). All of which distracts the attention driver from the primary task of driving safely. I suspect that taking pictures while driving is less distracting than texting, but I haven't seen any research on this, and I don't recommend that such research be done outside of a simulator.