Friday, June 4, 2010

Catch-up Time -- This and that

Let's catch up a bit. First, congrats to my bike friends Jose Menendez and Jessica Brenner for being recognized by the Tampa BayCycle bike program. Jose and Jessica worked hard to get people on their bikes for the Tampa BayCycle program in March. The bike program is co-chaired by Karen Kress of the Tampa Downtown Partnership and Julie Bond of the Center of Urban Transportation Research (CUTR).

I know Jose well from his participation in the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club and at the Bicycle Bash festival. And Jessica is a student at USF where she works tirelessly on campus to get students biking. Well done Jose and Jessica.

* * *

Pizzeria owner and bicyclist Matt McClellan of St. Petersburg has drawn a ton of media attention for his pizza diet. Matt is a big bicycle enthusiast who owns the Tour de Pizza in St. Petersburg.

Now Matt has hit the media jackpot thanks to his big 30-day, 1,300-mile bike ride from St. Pete to Canada to promote pizza and his pizza diet. Send Matt off in style today from 6-8 pm at Tour de Pizza, 212 37th Ave N. for a party where there will be free pizza.

For more info on Matt's bike trek, check out this story.

Matt's pizza blog is

* * *

This afternoon on WFLA-TV, the Doctors TV show included a reference to a chain-less bicycle that they said sells for $700. It's cool to see network shows including bicycles.

* * *

Bicyclist Mel Lucas posted a terrific link on Facebook that I'm sharing here. It's on Bunch Riding and a code of conduct

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