Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Top 10 Today

Ten bicycle thoughts that popped into my head today.

1. Connect the dots between riding your bicycle and the BP oil disaster. Ride your bike more for trips you normally take with your car; use your car less; create a less demand for oil; create a less of a need to bore holes into our earth for fuel.

2. I watched a Lipitor TV ad showing a family on bicycles. And they're wearing helmets, too. Have you noticed more TV commercials are including bicycles?

3. I was bummed to hear that Tampa City Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena had to resign today to be on the November election ballot to run for Hillsborough County Commission. Linda was an incredible voice for bicyclists on the city council in a city that's way behind other parts of the country when it comes to bicycle resources.

4. No day is a bad day if there's a bike ride during it.

5. The toughest part of the bike ride for me is pushing my bicycle out the door because once I hop on and start pedaling, the bike ride takes me, I don't take the bike ride.

6. I need two road bikes because it's unfair for one road bike to shoulder all the burden of all those miles. One of my road bikes is in the shop.

7. I feel bad for motorists who are stuck in traffic while I whiz by them on my bicycle and I want them to know what I know -- that not only is it more fun to bike to a place it's actually more practical and cost-efficient.

8. When I'm cycling and looking at drivers in cars (especially in the mornings), their facial expression is either sad or zombie-like.

9. The hunger pangs about an hour after a long and great ride can lead to the consumption of thousands of calories.

10. I don't understand why Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio who wants light rail to be approved so badly doesn't reach out to bicyclists for their support because many bicyclists would support improved mass transit and less use of the car. She's not helping her light rail cause by not helping bicyclists.


GhostRider said...

Amen to all!

Glad to hear one of your bikes is in the shop...riding with you is a cacophony of clicks, creaks and groans from that overstressed machine!!!

Nick said...

Totally agree...with both comments!