Sunday, June 20, 2010

San Antonio Cyclist Reports Deputies No Longer Harassing Bicyclists

Sandy Pacheco Pehl, a cyclist who rides with a group in the San Antonio area outside Tampa, reports a Pasco County sheriff's deputy who has been especially harassing to bicyclists on the roads in the San Ann area is no longer stalking cyclists at every intersection.

Sandy says on Facebook, "I just talked to a Pasco County deputy. We won't be getting harrassed by the sheriffs anymore! The one who was causing all the problems is no longer there. Apparently my calls to the sargeant were effective :-) So while we still need to obey traffic laws, as we shud anyway, we can ride without fearing a cop car at every turn. How cool is that?"

As you know, I'm the first to stand up for bicyclists' right to be in the roadway. But also, I add, courtesy on the roads is a two-way street so to speak. So please comply with traffic laws.

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