Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bridget Rents A Bicycle In Paris

Bicycle Stories correspondents span the globe, including Bridget offering this report from Paris. (No, not Paris, NY outside Uitca).

Usually the lovely Bridget can be seen pedaling her purple or green Electra chariot on the tree-lined boulevards of Seminole Heights.

But this week Bridget is in Paris using a "Velib" card to rent her bicycle, which is pictured here.

Bridget sys the Velib bikes are a bit heavier than what she's used to riding here in Tampa.

"The Velib bikes are not really bikes- they are MULES!! My God, they weigh a ton and the brakes can be scary (slow to stop). I think I will ride them around Neuilly (our tree-lined avenues are a bit calmer than in Paris) every morning for about an hour to keep me in shape until I get more used to the feel of them," Bridget writes.

Stay tuned for more of Bridget's coverage from Paris.

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