Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ride the Divide Movie Opens in W. Palm Beach July 3

A movie called Ride the Divide is playing in Florida -- with the first official showing in West Palm Beach at a bike shop on July 3.

Itt documents the travels of several mountain bike racers as they compete in the famed Tour de Divide -- a race that follows the Great Divide from Banff in Canada and runs through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico where the 2,700-mile route ends in Antelop Wells, NM.

the competitors complete the routwith no outside assistance -- as the only resources are the ones available along the way.

There's more than 200,000 feet of climbing -- the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest from sea level seven times.

Rob Roberts and Karlos Bernart, local Florida racers and competitors, are attending this race in June of 2011. They will host a workshop at 6 pm to discuss off-road touring and bikepacking.

They'll also present the film. Rob Roberts is also doing the ride to raise awareness and funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

So, the mivie is July 3 with the showing at The Bicyclery. 6 pm is the clinic and 8pm is movie screening). The Bicyclery is at 1649 North Military Trail, West Palm Beach. Tickets will be $5 at the door and available online at

This is an outside showing so bring a chair and a blanket. Bring the family and enjoy the Florida premier of Ride the Divide.

For more information, contact Karlos A Rodriguez Bernart at 386-624-8540.

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