Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bicyclist Killed In Tampa Area On Fletcher Avenue

This afternoon, I was bicycling west on Fletcher Avenue in the Tampa area with Mike Limerick after a ride to Flatwoods Park when we came to a roadblock.

We assumed a car crash.

We didn't think that a bicyclist was involved.

But a cyclist was involved -- and was killed by a motorist near the USF river park on Fletcher Avenue, about two miles west of I-75.

The St. Pete Times story has a short story, but no ID on the bicyclist yet.


Jennifer said...

Was this right before noon? Alan, I pulled off the interstate and I thought it was you and another biker (who had a backpack on) rode ride in front of me. So the accident must of been 1 mile to the west. That so totally sucks.

I've been commuting to work for the past 3 weeks now (1 time a week so far but hope to get that number up) and I admit that I think all the time when I hear a car this going to be the vehicle that's gonna end my life.

Alan...I don't have your positive vibe down. I've been trying to wave but I've found myself being too busy being defensive and angry to be much of a positive light out on the road.

Everyone who knows me worries about me when I tell them I ride to work. The route is OK, for the most part. My goal is to do this more days than I don't. Then to do it every day when I can, when I don't have some other obligation that keeps me from doing it.

Oh...I don't think I've sent my condolences to the family of the fallen cyclist.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

GhostRider said...

Jennifer -- give it time. It took me about 15 years to get over being defensive and angry while bike commuting, but if you chip away at it, you too will be able to flash the peace sign to the motorists you encounter.

Tampa ain't no picnic, that's for sure -- lots to get upset about out there.