Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Bicycle Life in Photos

It's OK to not bike every day.

I know, it's heresy.

But a 5 a.m. rainstorm that swept through Vero Beach left the roads way too slick, so I hoofed it to the gorgeous Riverside Park on the Vero barrier island. It's hard-packed earthen trail is a joy for a slow jog, run or walk.

Then after work, it was a mowing job, plus some red mulch purchasing and spreading in front of my house.

It broke a string of five straight "A Bicycle Life" days of posting a bicycle photo of one sort or another.

Here were the past five days:

Wednesday night: Vero Beach Marina

Tuesday morning: North Fort Pierce Beach 

Monday night: Fishing pier underneath State Road 60 Bridge in Vero Beach 

Sunday morning: A1A bridge at Sebastian Inlet

Saturday morning: Stuart, across from Bathtub Reef Beach

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