Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Cycling At Sea Level Again -- And It Sure Is Pretty

The days of cycling at elevation are gone. I lived outside Las Vegas at 3,230 feet and used to ride a Red Rock Canyon scenic loop to 4,771 feet at its highest point.

Now it's back to Indian Ricer Drive -- and there's a beauty to this scenery as well.

Now that I live in Vero Beach, my bread-and-butter ride is cycling across the Intracoastal on the State Road 60 bridge to A1A, turning south and heading for the Fort Pierce Inlet.

It's a flat stretch of ocean road where it's easy to get into a zone of zen cycling.

And if you ever worked as a reporter for a newspaper on the Treasure Coast north of South Florida the odds are pretty good you made a pit stop at the ol' national SEAL museum.

I had to bike on US for a mile to reach the south side of the Fort Pierce Inlet where I was hoping to find former Palm Beach Post photographer Paul Milette at the St. Lucue County Savannas park, but he was nowhere to be found.

I got a kick out of a dog park next to the savannas, where gators are all around.

I think to an alligator that a dog park next to the savannas is a code word for McDonald's.

With strong winds out of the southeast, it was hammer time back up north from Fort Pierce to Vero Beach and across the Intracoastal.

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