Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Don't Take Bike Rides; The Pugsley Takes Me For The Ride

The Surly Pugsley fattie bicycle is a beautiful pedaling machine because it's giant oversized tires can take me anywhere -- everywhere.

I bicycled on pavement from my house to the Atlantic Ocean, then hit the beach to pedal seven miles up the coast from Vero Beach to Wabasso. It was a great workout and I was able to maintain a speed of at least 10 mph in the morning sand the entire way.

Then it was back over the Intracoastal to a funky convenience store on US 1 that has everything from boots to highend craft beers to homemade Mexican food.

And then onto sandy Tropical Trail, a dirt and sand road that hugs the eastern edge of the Intracoastal on the barrier island side.

This tiny Mercedes caught my attention because of the Confederate souvenir plate on the front. There are pickup trucks and Confederate flag gear around here but I haven't seen one on a Mercedes before.

And when I got home check out who is snuggled and sleeping with her new toy.

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