Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Travel Partner

We were 30 minutes from our day's destination -- Wichita Falls, Texas, -- and my front-seat travelling partner was launching her revolt.

On the second day of a near cross-continental car ride, the feebled-legged 17-year-old pug was rock-climbing her way out of her shotgun seat and in full hunt mode for an open can of Merrick's grammies chicken pot pie.

It was likely the longest car ride in this aged dog's life and she was not going to let her end-day hunger go unmet.

Pugsy is my Las Vegas-to-Veri Beach, Fla. travelling buddy and she's made the first 1,100 miles go as well as one could expect on I-40 and US 287.

She adores her canned food - a grain-free chicken pot pie. Her chewing nom-nom noises rival the cacophony heard at the Red Rock Resort Sunday buffet in Vegas. Here she is on Night One outside Gallop, New Mexico.

Pugsy is living on borrowed time. Her eyes and ears are shot, and so are her rear legs.

So, it was not with a little concern that I decided to have her travel with me for a 2,300-mile, multi-day journey in a car.

This little old dog might not get around so well. But she still has a hunger for life and she's been a terrific companion my first two days of a long highway trip.

She slept a little, too, despite the long days on the road. In late morning Tuesday, she slept, resting her head on my hand. She slept soundly by resting her throat area on the base of my thumb and the area below her jaw on my forefinger. It must have created the best angle for her breathing passage because there was hardly a snore or snort.

We finally reached our day's destination by around 6 p.m. Here she is in the Motel 6 room in Wichita Falls, Tex., about two hours northwest of Dallas.

I'm pragmatic to know that Pugsy is in the twilight years of her life and I'm savoring this time with my travelling partner.I realize there isn't a lot of time left with Pugsy.


Unknown said...

Enjoy your trip with the Pugster!

Jacques said...

She is such a little Road Warrior! Love-love-love!