Sunday, March 20, 2016

Off Road And Out Of Sight

The retired folks and snowbirds of Vero Beach are driving their Lexuses, Mercedeses and BMWs along A1A and little do they know behind a wall of green trees and vegetation is this -- a super-cool single track mountain bike loop complete with homemade banks, jumps and camel backs.

The trail goes back and forth amid the trees and even skirts the beach area on the Atlantic.

Then, it off to the "Historic" Tropical Jungle road, a sandy road running along the Intracostal on the barrier island that dates backs to the 1920s when it was used to haul citrus op and down the Vero Beach island.

These days, there are some upscale housing along the sandy trail that's used by "slow moving vehicles" like bicycles.

At a super expensive island market on A1A on the north end of Vero Beach, the Surly fattie tire was a tad too large for the bike rack there.

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