Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boise City Council Passes Law Protecting Bicyclists

Michael Ploch, a friend of SWFBUD, sends this cool story about the Boise, Idaho City Council passing an ordinance protecting bicyclists from hostile motorists.

It was adopted after three bicyclists were killed. Why do cities pass laws protecting bicyclists AFTER cyclists are killed?

I'm on the road every day with my bicycle in the Tampa Bay region and I see first-hand the reckless and dangerous driving methods of motorists that imperil the lives of cyclists.

Why can't cities and counties be pro-active and stage puclic awareness campaigns and pass laws BEFORE bicyclists are struck?

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Plochman said...

I don’t think I’ve read about a better, balanced approach to “Public Safety” in effect refereeing the constant struggle between Motorists and Cyclists. If both sides can somehow turn the argument into a human discussion rather than the constant bickering, we would all be safer for it.

I would love to see the City of Tampa and the County Commission establish a “Cycling Safety Task Force” as well so we can be proactive rather than reactive to the public safety issues in our area.

Alan, please make it happen, we support you brother.


Michael Ploch