Friday, January 8, 2010

Eddie Says Sunday's Temple Terrace Ride Is Cancelled Due To Cold Weather

The cold front is not here yet.

But it's coming this weekend.

And it will be even colder than this week!

So, Eddie Wall reports it will be too cold to pedal on Sunday so Susie's Temple
Terrace ride is cancelled.

"Safe and hope for warm weather biking. Eddie"

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Anonymous said...

Wimps. I live in Alaska and we have a large group of cyclists who ride all year, even in the thick of winter. I have studded mountain bike tires and commute all through the winter, and I know a lot of people who commute when it's minus-30 or colder (I live in Southeast Alaska so we rarely get below zero). We also have a dedicated group of off-road winter cyclists who ride bikes with double-wide tires, which are featured in the movie "Fat Bike" (click this link for a trailer, In Alaska we have a saying -- "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear." Suck it up guys and tide.