Friday, January 22, 2010

Pat Kemp Bicycle Trailer Sign Hits The Campaign Trail In Seminole Heights

Late this afternoon, I took the billboard trailer with the Pat Kemp election sign and hit the Seminole Heights neighborhoods. Pat is running for the expired seat of House District 58 in tally and is a big bicycle supporter and progressive voice for transportation.

I first stopped at Starbucks at Central and Hillsborough Avenues. After a time at Starbucks, it was off to Ella's on Nebraska Avenue -- just south of Hillsborough. Ella's restaurant is famous for its tasty dishes and creative artwork. Owner Melissa supports Pat Kemp as evidenced by the Pat Kemp signs in front of her restaurant.

So, she happily allowed me to park the Pat Kemp bike sign trailer in front.

The DOT planted a Hillsborough Avenue next signal sign right in front of Ella's.

But creative people are resourceful. On the back of the Hillsborough Avenue sign in front of Ella's, people are using it as a canvas for message stickers.

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