Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cruz Supporter Loves Rolling Kemp Campaign Sign

This afternoon, there was a funny moment while biking the Pat Kemp bicycle trailer on the Democratic primary trail today in Seminole Heights.

At Precinct 318/319 on Hillsborough and Nebraska, I began chatting with Julia, a friendly sign-holder for the Cruz campaign. She said she loved the "Pushing Pedals for Pat Kemp" sign, a lovely piece of artwork fashioned by Pat's daughter, Caitlin.

Then she asked, "Where Pat's party tonight? I want to meet her daughter."

Julia is getting paid to hold a Cruz sign at the polling place, but apparently was smitten with the Pat Kemp rolling campaign sign. Maybe we'll see Julia at Pat's results party at the Front Porch restaurant on Florida Avenue in Seminole Heights.

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