Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Break From Bicycling To Celebrate LATKEFEST

We take a break from regular bicycle programming to post some photos for Bicycle Stories' annual holiday bash, LATKEFEST.

Saturday night was the LATKEFEST celebration -- an evening filled with laughs, love and latkes. In case you're curious and haven't heard of a latke, it's a potato pancake baked as a celebratory food item for Chanukah -- the Jewish Festival of Lights. It also makes a helluva carboloader if you're fueling for a long bicycle ride. Family flew in from out of town in the form of my bro-in-law Harsh, who visited from Baltimore to celebrate and lend a helping hand.

There was also Jeff Houck and his family -- cornerstones of LATKEFEST every year. Jeff, a former newspaper compatriot of mine since the early '90s, is the well-known food writer and top reporter for the Tampa Tribune, along with publishing one of the most popular blogs in Florida at

Jeff posted a a funny and lovely report on LATKEFEST.

I couldn't have pulled off L-FEST without my lovely co-host Bridget.

Double-skillet action is the key behind making 150 latkes.

My sombrero brother and literary food wiz Jeff shows off his holiday headgear gift. I joined Jeff with my red sombrero. (No relation to red hat club).

Why does LatkeFest feel like a family reunion? Unbridled enthusiasm such as this from two years ago:

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