Friday, May 29, 2009

Bayshore Blvd Meeting In Tampa: June 10, 4-8PM

The time is now.

For years, everyone has talked about how the Tampa Bay area has the potential to be a mecca for cycling. We have the wonderful hills of east Pasco County, the Withlacoochee, Pinellas and Suncoast trails and year-round cyclable weather.

But in recent years, the city government in Tampa has lagged behind St. Petersburg in bicycle infrastucture. Now you have a chance to tell Tampa city officials and workers that the time is now to make Bayshore the bicycle jewel of the city is ought to be.

I don't ride my bicycle on Bayshore for several reasons -- the pocked road surface is horrible with gaps between the concrete sections; no bike lane on one side; and a bike lane that disappears on the other side as the road heads to downtown. I don't ride a road bike on the Bayshore sidewalk. For me, it's too dangerous to ride a road bike amid pedestrians and other non-bicycle users.

But the city has come up with a new plan for Bayshore and I urge you to attend a public meeting about Bayshore that is set for 4-8 PM June 10 at the Garden Club at 2629 Bayshore Blvd.

I hear the plan shows a new-and-improved Bayshore, complete with bike lanes and a traffic signal at the Platt Street Bridge -- something I have been asking about for years.

Make your voice heard at the June 10 meeting and tell city employees and officials you want a Bayshore Boulevard that is friendly and safe for bicyclists.

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Anonymous said...

I will be there!

Ed "The Tall"