Monday, May 11, 2009

Others Join Ellen For Police Unity Tour to Washington, D.C.

My friend Ellen finished the "long ride" from Georgia to Virginia and now she's on the 3-day Police Unity Tour ride from Virginia to Washington, DC to memorialize those law enforcement folks who lost their lives. Ellen has one of those GPS devices on her bike that can calculate all types of info. Here's her report

"Hey all, All is well. we finished up on Mya 8 at about 4:30 pm with a 95 miler. was not bad. had nice tail winds.

"It was a great trip. Rode in rain, hills, and sun. smooth roads, rough roads, hot and cold. It was hard to pack my warm tights in Fla while sweating. I wore them at least 2 days. May 9 was a rest day. Now is the Police Unity Tour. Sun, Mon, and Tues.

"Hope all are well. Ellen

"STATS: Miles 778, Calories 31594, Elevation 16155, Time on the bike 46.83 hours"

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