Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ellen's Day 5 Reaches Kannapolis, NC

My friend Ellen is piling up the miles on her Police Unity Tour, hitting Kannapolis, NC today. Her destination is Washington, DC.

Here's her report from today:

"wellllllllllll it was our toughest day yet. RAINNNNNNNNNN almost all day. I hate riding in the rain. this is the only time i do it. we rode 96 miles from lexington, NC to Hillsboro NC. tomorrow is our longest day at 118 miles to Wilson NC and then Rocky Point. we jsut roll along and the miles click by.

"Every time we stop and do a ceremony to honor fallen officers, you get back on your bike and ride. Its an honor to participate in this event. I am now the Public Info Officer after having met 3 reporters today..........ugh. great helmet hair.

"Hope all are safe. Keep pedaling. Ellen"

day 1 112
day 2 113
day 3 98.4
day 4 86
day 5 96

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