Wednesday, May 13, 2009

McBicycle's Has Impressive Bike Racks At This Eatery

This McDonald's right off the Suncoast Trail is thinking green and thinking business, too. Check out the cool bike racks and the use of whole parking space for bike use off State Road 54 in the Target supercenter in south Pasco County.

If you know a business that's friendly to bicycles, send me a photo and I'll post it on Bicycle Stories.


CyclerJim said...

Nice and right in front of glass, visible from inside. Same type and location as new Target store on Hillsborough Ave. Went to IKEA. What a disappointment. I thought they were enlightened. The bike racks are placed out of sight, out of mind. On the right side of the building, you have to go look for them. Nice place for a thief to do his work unseen. I'm convinced that they just like to say they have them, they don't care if anyone ever uses them. The new library in TnC has the rack at the back of the building and behind a wall. In fact just about every county library has the rack as far away and out of sight as possible. Like Keel, New Tampa & 78St.Community. The new Cleawater Main library & the new beach promenade have the best. One weekday I counted fourteen bikes at the Clearwater library. And all were visible from inside the library, fantastic deterrent.

CyclerJim said...

I've been going up there at 54& Suncoast since the trail opened. I can't believe that there is no direct access from the trail to that Target parking lot. From that McDonalds to the trail is fine, but the other way is dangerous. Nobody is going to cross SR54 so that they can travel with the traffic and then cross SR54 again to go into that center. I'm sure they will just take the more dangerous route and go against traffic. I don't understand how it is not obvious to the county and that shopping center owners that a safe route from the trail to the parking lot is in the best interest of all concerned. I have no doubt that it will one day be a life or death situation for someone.