Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pedaling To Flatwoods And Making A Stop To Enjoy The Light

This mowning's bike ride was delicious thanks to unusually dry and crisp early-morning weather. The light was awesome by the time I reached Flatwoods, and I took a mini-detour into the woods and spider webs off Morris Bridge Road to snap off a few shots.


Anonymous said...

was wondering what you were taking pictures of back in there. always look forward to seeing your daily pictures.
CannondaleGirl (KC)

Alan said...

KC: I think I also saw you biking inside the park, too, by the Bruce B Downs spur trail bridge. Seems like we're always coming or going! Hope you had a great ride -- Alan.

Anonymous said...

hi Alan, it was a beautiful morning to ride. The air was actually crisp...was kinda getting used to the humidity lately so it was a pleasant surprise. That was us going in opposite directions at the spur trail bridge. that's are usual 42.5 miler on Sunday. From home, 3 laps in flatwoods and out to trout creek, turn right into trout creek, go all the way down, u-turn in the parking lot, then back to fw's and then home. you could probably get some really nice shots in trout creek. that path into there is postcard material. see you next week :)

Jennifer said...


I'm having trouble w/ my, ahem, computer....I want to email you but can't get the link to work. Would you pls contact me at

It's about the Hillsborough County budget cutbacks and what it might do to the Wilderness Park area.