Saturday, May 16, 2009

Become A Friend of SWFBUD

There are many people boosting bicycling in the Tampa Bay region and I like to think SWFBUD is doing its part to increase the profile of bicycling in our area.

SWFBUD puts on the Bicycle Bash by the Bay every year with a bare-bones budget and lobbies public agencies and elected boards to improve bicycling conditions in the Tampa Bay area.

If you want to help SWFBUD, we are creating a new category for folks who want to join the bicycle movement in the Tampa Bay area.

You can become a Friend of SWFBUD for $25 a year and the first 100 Friends will get a free Polar Bottle water bottle. Polar Bottle is a sponsor of the Bicycle Bash by the Bay. If you want to become a Friend, contact SWFBUD Director Alan Snel at

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