Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ellen's Day 6 -- Another Century

My friend Ellen has been sending daily reports from the Police Unity Tour and here is today's update:

"When you participate in this ride it is strange how the time seems like long days but the weeks rolls by.............. Day 6 we rode from Hillsboro to Rocky Mount NC. Now it may be close on the highway but we took the hilly scenic route of 118 miles.

"it was tough but after awhile you just ride. we had numerous nice services at several agencies. We stopped at a Bojangles Rest. where a female office who was friends with 2 of our riders was killed in the line of duty during a drug deal. members of her agnecy met us there. thats when you shut up and ride.

"2 of their officers joined us and rode a few miles.

"we sstopped at the NC Highway PAtrol. Met the recruits. One of our riders had a brain tumor few years ago, he met a trooper with the same issue.

"My good buddy college friend Kim was hopefully going to meet me in Wilson NC. She cancelled the trip because of the tornado warnings..............we rode there during th e warnings. thats when we got rained on for the second time today.

"My average was 16 mPH today. would have been better except for I am extremely slow on uphills and not super fast on downhills. my max toady was 37. oops.

all is well. slight pain behind back of right knee. ICE ICEd it baby. i am tired.

its a great time. Ellen"

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