Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Morning's SHBC Ride

The Seminole Heights Bicycle Club helds its monthly easy 5 1/2-mile ride this morning and we had about a dozen riders, including new riders Deborah who brought her foldable bike from South Tampa and Larry from the SH neighborhood.

Here, Pressley from a few houses down and dad Gene ride down 12th Street.

If there's a scheduled ride, chances are you'll see Jose in attendance. Usually Jose dons his bright lime-green safety vest, but today he wanted to show the yellow Ciclovia T-shirt he got at last Sunday's Ciclovia event in downtown Clearwater. Jose biked from Tampa to Clearwater and back on a hefty mountain bike complete with knobby tires. He logged about 80 miles by the end of the day.

We biked past hopefully a new future SHBC rider. Mom was teaching the little tyke to ride and hopefully the training wheels will be coming off soon.

Here's Gene the Bicycle Machine as we loop Lake Roberta.

We passed Lake Roberta and now heading home. Doreen is on her trusty single-speeder.

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